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Tune Belt Armband for iPhone 5

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You cannot give up the passion for running? You need your iPhone 5 at your side at all times? Are you an iPhone addict and you do not want to be separated from your iDevice even for a minute?

Today we have chosen to show you a really cool armband for iPhone 5. This armband has been designed for the latest smartphone from Apple. Tune Belt iPhone 5 armband is very lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to use the device even during physical activity and while in the gym. The Tune Belt Armband is a type of functional case for iPhone 5 that offers free access to all the functions of your much needed iPhone.

Armband for iPhone 5

Armband for iPhone 5 – Tune Belt


  • Material: lightweight and flexible neoprene
  • Adjustable strap
  • Pocket dimensions: for devices 4.5″ – 5″ in length

The plastic film that covers the front of the smartphone has been designed to allow you to use the screen while the phone is in iPhone 5 armband. There are cut-outs that allow you to connect your headphones and listen to your favourite tunes while you are in the gym. Thanks to the velcro closure, this armband is fully adjustable and provides maximum comfort.

It is an armband that is compatible with different models of mobile phones of large screen sizes. In this armband you can put a smartphone with or without a protective mobile case or cover.