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Time to Meet Our April and May Contest Winners

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What did they win and what did they have to say about their prizes? Find out below. :)

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Club Trendy Members Will Know


Club Trendy Winner  - April

Winner: Josefine Hagberg, Sweden
Prize: iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi Cellular – 16GB – Gold
Comment: “Usually I never win anything and I finally got my own iPad so I won’t have to borrow it from my children anymore! I am really happy to have won, but I admit I was a little bit skeptical at first. When you called, I couldn’t believe it was true! I’ve been in contact with you guys before, because of the reparation of my son’s iPad. Good, fast service and a very friendly staff that’s easy to reach both via the phone and the chat! I won’t believe it’s really true until the iPad’s in my hands.”


Club Trendy Winner - May

Winner: Liisa Tiihonen, Finland
Prize: Samsung Galaxy S6 – 32GB – Pearl White
Comment: “I don’t win very often at all, so this was a very pleasant surprise. Thank you in advance. Soon I will get to know my new phone.”

Just a Review Away


Winner: Alex Bonichini, Italy
Prize: £600 (voucher)
Comment: Sadly, Alex didn’t reply to our calls and mails and we couldn’t get a comment.


Review Winner May

Winner: Mikkel Frandsen, Denmark
Prize: £600 (voucher)
Comment: “When I initially received the news, I was somewhat skeptical. However, a call to your customer service confirmed that I was indeed the lucky winner. This means that my home and car will soon be filled with smashing devices. That’s something a gadget freak like me really appreciates.”

Got to Love Newsletters


Winner: Stéphane Le Gallou, France
Prize: £100 (voucher)
Comment: Just like with Alex, Stéphane didn’t reply to our calls and mails and we couldn’t get a comment.


Winner: Emma Landelius, Sweden
Prize: £100 (voucher)
Comment: “When I received the email about me winning the prize, I got super happy! I’ve never won anything before, as far as I remember. I previously bought stuff from MyTrendyPhone, and both their service and products are great! Now I’m going to shop some more, because of the prize of course!”

Once again, congrats to all of our winners and don’t forget – you could join them come July! All you need to do is write a review of our product, sign up for our newsletter, or become a CT member! Our June CT contest is ongoing! :)