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The Future Is Now: Lexus Has Created a Working Hoverboard

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Or rather – Back to the Future 2 is now.

The Lexus Hoverboard

This is where we might just start singing “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?”. Well, if one could sing in a blog, we would. Anyway, Back to the Future fans and gadget geeks rejoice for Lexus has apparently made a real, working hoverboard. It’s not a prank, it’s not a prototype – it’s the real deal, people. And while it might not be the exact same thing Marty McFly used in the popular movie, it’s definitely one step closer to our dreams.

The Lexus Hoverboard: A Futuristic Dream Come True

There’s no such thing as impossible. It’s just a matter of figuring out how.  – Haruhiko Tanahashi, Lexus Chief Engineer

Lexus created a working hoverboard

The Lexus Hoverboard has been in the works for almost two years now and finally we get to see proof of its existence. Namely, the popular car company recently released some photos and a teaser video showing the hoverboard in action. Granted, no one’s actually using it in the video and it doesn’t zip through the air like Marty McFly’s, but it seems to be working.

How does the hoverboard function? According to the company, the hoverboard (made of natural bamboo and a Lexus grille) uses liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors (so that’s where all the smoke is coming from!) and permanent magnets which help it hover and support an actual rider. However, while the video does show the gadget floating over regular ground, the newest info (courtesy of Endgadget) reveals that there is, in fact, “a metal surface underneath the skate park”, meaning that you won’t be able to ride around on the hoverboard wherever you want. Lexus will post regular updates about the board in the upcoming weeks, so we’ll have to wait a bit more to find out other details about it.

We’re not sure where Lexus is headed with the hoverboard, but we desperately want to believe it could become part of our everyday lives soon. After all, 2015 is the year Marty McFly travelled to from his past, so it’s about time we got a futuristic gadget such as this one, don’t you agree?

Marty McFly hoverboard

Not the First Gadget to Try Floating in Mid-Air

The Lexus Hoverboard might be a fantastic (and cool!) device, sure, but it’s not the first one to try hovering a few inches above the ground. Remember Flyte, the levitating light bulb? It uses magnets to float above its base and shines without any wires whatsoever! Of course, we must not forget about the Hendo Hoverboard whose four disc-shaped engines create a special magnetic field and make the board push against itself, so to speak, and levitate. If you’ve missed it, you can check out Tony Hawk himself riding the board in the video below.