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Choose or Choose Not Your Star Wars Accessories – There Is No Try

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Over the past years, we have seen far too many movies to remember all the reasons why we didn’t like a particular one or all the moments that made us laugh. However, there are those movies that have made such an impact on us that they will stay with us forever. Movies that were watched 30 years ago and that will be watched in the next 30 years just as much without losing that special something that made them popular in the first place. We’re talking about movies such as The Godfather, Some Like It Hot, Back to the Future, Hair, Lord of the Rings, The Wizard of Oz, and, of course, Star Wars.

Star Wars yellow and black movie logo

On the 18th of December, exactly a decade after Revenge of the Sith, the latest Star Wars movie will hit the theatres in the UK, and if you are a fan of the franchise like we are, then you have probably already marked this day in your calendars. In order to help you prepare properly for the movie, we have selected a couple of Star Wars-inspired accessories that we are sure you will appreciate.

The Sound Is Strong with These Star Wars Headphones

Four types of Star Wars-inspired headphones

Whether you want to travel to a galaxy far, far away while listening to the Imperial March or simply relax to some of your favourite songs, these premium headphones will provide you with the best possible sound quality. Not only are they comfortable to wear thanks to their memory foam cushions, but you can also choose the design of the headphones in the style of a particular character: Darth Vader, R2-D2, or Chewbacca. :D

These Are the USB Sticks You Are Looking For

Eight USB flash drives designed as Star Wars characters

Why settle for a boring, old USB stick, when you can save all of your files on a mini Stormtrooper or Yoda? These fun flash drives offer 16GB of storage, a compact design, and a quality design that can survive light saber fights, as well as drops to the floor. You can also attach one of them to your keys and show it off to your friends and fellow Star Wars fans.

May the Force Be with You While You Create Your Own Phone Cover

Protective phone covers with Yoda and Darth Vader

Put Han Solo or Darth Vader’s face (well, his mask) on the back of your phone with just a couple of clicks! Thanks to our Design Your Own Cover service you can pick whichever photo you want from your favourite Star Wars part and make it into a protective accessory for your phone. The whole process is fun, easy, and quick, and we guarantee that you’ll have a Star Wars-themed cover just in time for the premiere of The Force Awakens.

Question of the day: Which Star Wars movie is your favourite? :)