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Smartphones Are Changing Our Pace, Literally

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Using a mobile phone while walking may not be the safest thing to do, but it’s definitely not a rare sight nowadays. Iorder to avoid kissing the ground, we’ve all started to make slower and more exaggerated movements.

Using a Mobile Phone While Walking Affects Your Field of View

According to scientific research from Anglia Ruskin University, phone users look around less and have reduced the extent to which they rely on peripheral vision. The scientists have concluded that texting on a mobile phone while walking affects ‘visual search behaviour’ and changes how we deal with obstacles in our path.

Woman Texting on the Street

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Navigating an Obstacle In Slow Motion While Using a Phone

Participants in the study had sensors for tracking their view and for analysing their motion as they were approaching and stepping over an obstacle the size of a roadside kerb. Participants in this experiment adopted a strategy whereby they moved with greater caution when they were using their smartphonesThose using a phone looked at the barrier on the ground 61% lessThey adopted a so-called exaggerated strategy, whereby they lifted their feet more slowly and higher, so as not to trip.

A woman walking and talking

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The lead foot is raised 18% higher and 40% more slowly whilst overcoming the obstacle!

Evolution Adapts To the Phone Functions We Use

Writing a text also results in a greater change in gait, and of the means of visual search, compared to reading a text or talking on the phone.

Our bodies have come up with defence mechanisms which force us to make unusually slow movements in order to safely reach our destination. Precautions shouldn’t be neglected because accidents are most likely to happen when moving objects such as vehicles or pedestrians suddenly appearand visual attention is focused on the screen as people gaze down to read.

If you, like ourselves, can’t leave without your smartphone, please be extra careful when you use it on the move. And if you’ve enjoyed this article feel free to share it. And remember, iyou are in need of some excellent mobile accessories visit the MyTrendyPhone online shop because you will surely find what you need at a great price.