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Samsung Galaxy S3 Finally Announced

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After many months of rumours, Samsung has finally announced its Galaxy S3 at a glamorous event in London today.

It will feature Android 4.0, with a bunch of new and amazing functions. One of those functions is “pop-up video” feature that allows you to simultaneously watch a video while doing other tasks. Another unbelievable feature is Smart Stay that keeps the screen on all the time while you are looking at the phone?! You might ask yourself how this is possible, and the answer is that the Smart Stay uses the front camera to identify when your eyes are looking at the screen, so it doesn’t turn off while you are doing something important. And third feature definitely worth mentioning is S Voice, which is a feature similar to Apple’s Siri. For example, if your alarm went off, and you say “snooze”, it will respond to that command.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3

We might say that this is one crazy set of features in a wide range of areas — we’ll have to wait and see if users will actually be able to discover and use all of the possibilities this amazing smartphone has to offer. For example, if you are writing a text message, and you need to call that person, all you need to do is take the phone close to your ear. Those are only few of most amazing features, and more detailed specification is soon to follow!

We will inform you about its detailed specifications, and until then don’t forget that we will be among first online stores to offer you accessories for Galaxy S3!