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Read Books on Your Android Device with Play Books

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Although nothing can beat the feel of a paperback in your hands (in our humble opinion), we have to admit that reading books on tablets and smartphones can sometimes be more convenient. You almost always have your phone with you, and all it takes is a tap and you can start the next page of the latest book you’re reading. In fact, you not only get to carry one book with you, but an entire collection. To top it all off, you get to save trees, too. :)

The Play Books app allows you to browse the Play Store for eBooks, and then purchase and download them. There’s a wide variety of books available on the Store, both fiction and non-fiction, old and new ones. It’s constantly updated, which means that you’ll certainly find that book that you’ve been dying to read.

Google Play Books

Once you open the Play Books app you can navigate through genres by selecting Categories on top or view the Top Selling list. There’s also the New Arrivals section which you can check out. The app also lets you view free samples of books by tapping the Free Sample button in the listing.

Purchase and Read an eBook

The purchasing process works similar to downloading a free sample.

1. Tap on the Shop books option, then choose Categories.
2. You can type in your book in the Search box, too, if you have a specific one in mind.
3. Once you’ve found it, tap the price tag next to it to buy the book.
4. Confirm that you indeed want to purchase the book.
5. The book will then be downloaded to your device.

Use the Play Books App

Each book will be stored on your device after this and you’ll be able to view their full covers. When viewing a book, you can tap the Menu key where you can then change the size and the type of the font, the page theme, as well as the brightness. In the Settings option, you can choose to use the volume keys of your device to turn the pages in your book, and you can even have your phone or tablet read your books out loud. The Play Books app remembers where you stopped reading and lets you continue from that exact point the next time your open it up.

Some great alternatives to Play Books are the Kindle, Kobo, and Audible apps that come with a number of features, too, and a large selection of books for you to choose from. All we have to say is – happy reading! :)


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