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Practical Guide Through The Mac Range

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If you’re planning to purchase a Mac computer and you’re having difficulties choosing the one that will meet all your needs when it comes to the design and performance, MyTrendyPhone UK can help you in selection with this brief overview of five Mac models.

MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air

MacBook Air

This is the thinnest computer in the Apple lineup, as well as the  most affordable one. It is available in 11” and 13” versions with its super slim 1.7 cm body when closed. But the most attractive feature is perhaps the flash memory storage which replaces conventional hard drives and makes it not only a super fast machine, but also a super quiet. Ideal for the “on-the-go” users.

MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook pro

MacBook Pro

 MacBook Pro is a good alternative to those who need ports and non-existing connectors in the Air range. With its Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and powerful graphics processor, the MacBook Pro is designed for more advanced users, included “serious gamers”. The latest version includes Thunderbolt, a high-speed port for external devices and Retina Display in the 15” version.

Mac mini

Apple Mac Mini

Mac Mini

Do not let the name “mini” fool you, because this little gem is just 3.6 cm thick and less than 20 cm wide. Despite this, it includes a hard drive of 500 GB, Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and a memory card slot in the back. Since the drop of the Xserve line of servers, the Mac mini has become a more important player in the corporate market, with the absence of the optical drive in favor of dual hard drives and installation of Mac OS X Server.




Apple iMac


This graceful fusion of aluminum and glass, in versions between 4 and 16 GB of RAM, and 21.5″ and 27 ” screen, the iMac is a perfect for an average business user. With a stylish design and powerful computer the iMac is very pleasing to the eye.  It comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse  and Bluetooth /wireless networking. The iMac  will leave a very professional impression on your business partners.


Mac Pro

Apple Mac Pro

Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is defined as the most powerful from the Mac range. Inside you will find four drive bays, up to 12 cores of  processing power and enough memory slots to ensure that your applications work flawlessly. One of the best reasons to buy the Mac Pro are its expansion slots, which allow you to add new graphics or RAID card, which makes it an ideal platform for the most demanding tasks, including film editing, so therefore it is designed for all professional users. Even though it’s expensive comparing to other computers from the Mac range, it will definitely pay off later when you realize how easy and cheap the upgrade is.

No matter which Mac you choose, remember that MyTrendyPhone has all necessary accessories that will protect and enhance the performance of your Apple device.



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