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PowerSkin for Galaxy S2: Doubling the Life of your Smartphone

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Smartphone Cases from PowerSkin do not only protect your phone from damage, but also provide additional working hours to prolong your phone’s battery life when you need it most.

The PowerSkin Cases are made of soft rubber and enclose the smartphone accurately. They ensure that the device is not damaged in case of accidental impacts. PowerSkin Galaxy S2 battery cases provide extra energy, extending the battery life of your Samsung device so you could talk more, play games and surf the web. This is an essential product to have for every smartphone.

PowerSkin Battery Case for Galaxy S2
Power Skin for Galaxy S2 comes at the price of € 52.60. PowerSkin battery case for Galaxy S2 is made of soft silicone and offers a good protection for your smartphone from bumps and scratches. It has a 1500 mAh battery inside, which can be turned on and off with a switch.

The battery promises up to 417 minutes of talk time and 470 hours of standby time. The shell adds just a little extra volume and weight of the smartphone, but offers two in one – the protection and extra battery.

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