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MyTrendyPhone Recommends: Griffin PowerDock 5

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Picture this: all of your devices run out of power at the same time. First, you get annoyed because you can’t use any of them and you really need your tablet and/or mobile phone at that precise moment. Then, you start gathering all the chargers that you need and once you’ve got them, you finally realize that there’s simply not enough room or sockets to charge them all at once. If this situation sounds familiar to you, then we have a perfect solution – the Griffin PowerDock 5.

A charging station for all of your devices.

Save space and charge five devices at the same time!

The PowerDock 5 is a space-saving charging station that can charge and store up to five devices. It doesn’t take up too much room (about the same as an iPad) and you can put it wherever you like (countertop, desk etc.). It’s a perfect solution for small offices, work groups or just families that have a lot of iOS devices. The PowerDock 5 has a port for each tablet, along with a backrest, and it can accommodate your iPhone, iPad or iPod even when they are in their respective cases.

Charge up to 5 devices with the PowerDock 5.

The PowerDock 5 comes with five ports and backrests.

The PowerDock 5 is optimized for iOS devices (iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano), but it can charge a great number of Kindle and Android devices, as well. Having in mind that most smartphones and tablets have unique charging requirements, the PowerDock 5 may not charge your device as fast as you’d like. Be sure to check whether there are any special requirements when it comes to your device.

The PowerDock 5 doesn't take too much space and charges up to 5 devices.

The Griffin PowerDock 5 can charge iOS devices and a lot of Android and Kindle ones.

The Griffin PowerDock 5 is available at our shop, at the price of £96.10. :)