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MTP: These Are Our November Winners!

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Each month, we do our best to prepare various prizes, contests, and giveaways for our most loyal fans and customers, and November wasn’t any different! Although we’re already busy with all sorts of December surprises, we wanted to take a moment and announce our three November winners. :)

Club Trendy – Johanna Huhtala

Johanna Huhtala comes from Finland, and she became a proud owner of a white Sony Xperia Z3 with 16GB of storage. Congratulations, Johanna! :)

Club Trendy November Winner

At first I couldn’t believe that I had won a phone! I could not believe my eyes. It was exciting to read the message about me winning this prize! Looking forward to it!

For those of you unfamiliar with our CT contests, here’s how they work: you need to become a Club Trendy member and buy something during a certain month (at the moment, December). It’s really simple and quick, and you get all sorts of benefits with Club Trendy, including a 7% discount on our products! You can read more about our ongoing December contest here.

Reviews – Angele Bertrand

If you want to win a £550 gift card which you can use to buy items on our website, then you should definitely take a moment and participate in our reviews competition! :) All you need to do is leave us feedback on a product you purchased, and we’ll do the rest.

This month’s review prize goes to Angele Bertrand (France). Congrats, Angele! :)

Reviews Winner in November

I said, no, it is not possible. Even after the verification and confirmation by phone, my husband and I said that it was not possible. After receiving my voucher, the very same evening, I immediately spent the money on purchases on Mobile24. I was really surprised when UPS delivered my order. I am very happy and delighted – I did some shopping on Mobile24, gave my opinion on certain items, and was selected as a winner.

Newsletter – Al van Schoonhoven

Last, but not the least, is our newsletter winner, who comes from the Netherlands. Al van Schoonhoven won a £100 gift card which can be used to shop for accessories on our website. :) Congratulations!

A fantastic prize – I’m definitely going to use it soon. Many thanks for the prize, and all the best to MTP.



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