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These Are Our Lucky September Winners!

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October is officially here and with it, the winners of our September contests and prize games! If you wish to find out who they are and what they’ve won, then do read on. :)

Colourful congratulations sign

1. Facebook Monthly Game

This time around, the prize of our FB game – a Samsung Galaxy S6 in Pearl White and with 32GB of storage – went straight into the hands of Stéphane Breton from France. Congrats, Stéphane!

2. Reviews

John de Jonge from the Netherlands

John de Jonge from the Netherlands was the one who wrote the best review for one of our products and subsequently won a 700€ gift card. John can use the card to buy accessories on our shop. John sent a wonderful comment to us:

Last month, I bought a new smartphone when my old one started having some performance issues. The handset wasn’t one of the most expensive ones out there, but it did come with a dual-SIM slot, which I find extremely convenient – I could have one SIM slot for work, one for private use. So, when I started thinking about a better/another phone, I picked a Microsoft dual-SIM device that supported 4G. Of course, I also had to find a nice case for it, since my old smartphone got quite damaged during its lifetime. I began searching the Internet and stumbled upon MyTrendyPhone, a site with a large variety of smartphone accessories and other products. Aside from the wide range of accessories, what I also liked about MTP was how easy it was to navigate the website from my iPad (not a standard for most web shops). The product information was useful and zooming in on the pictures created a great impression of the product. If we are to be honest, I had never heard of MyTrendyPhone up until that point, but I guess you can’t know everything. I found a nice case for my smartphone, a black PU leather flip case made by Mofi, and ordered it immediately. The case was delivered very quickly and it was as good as stated in the description, a perfect fit, and what else could someone ask for?

Needless to say, I was completely surprised when I received an email from MyTrendyPhone last week about my case review winning a prize! A 700€ voucher! Perhaps you can understand why I was a bit skeptic about this at first – if I had to believe every email sent to me telling me I won a prize, I would be a millionaire by now, but this one was for real! I want to thank all employees of MyTrendyPhone once again for this nice prize and I’ll definitely recommend this site to all of my relatives, friends, and acquaintances. The latter has nothing to do with me winning a prize – even before I received your email I had already told my wife about your web shop, the pleasant experience I had with it, and the case itself, which she was able to see and feel for herself.

3. Club Trendy

Bo M Mogensen, hailing from Denmark, won a black Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 with 16GB of built-in storage. We hope you’ll enjoy using your new tablet, Bo!

4. Newsletter

Lionel Dagnicourt (France) received a 100€ gift card as our newsletter winner! Congratulations, Lionel!

5. Trustpilot

Photo of a MyTrendyPhone September winner, Rémy Nideröst

Last, but not least, is our Trustpilot winner – Rémy Nideröst (Germany)! Rémy took home a Cogito Classic Bluetooth Smartwatch, which can be used to manage calls, notifications and alerts. Here’s what Rémy had to say about his prize:

Great, thanks a lot! It’s really an opportunity to get to experience what this smartwatch has to offer.

We want to congratulate all of our winners once more and to wish the rest of you better luck in our October contests! :)