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MTP Picks: Top 4 iPhone 6 Covers

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If we’re to be honest, you couldn’t have missed the launch of the two new iPhone models even if you wanted to. :D Apple released these handsets in September, and during the launch weekend sold over 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units. Seems that iPhone users worldwide were more than eager to get their hands on these new and improved smartphones, but we all know that they don’t come cheap. So, if you’re one of the proud owners of the iPhone 6, you’ll definitely want to protect it from everyday damage and try to keep it as safe as possible, as long as possible.

MyTrendyPhone iPhone 6 Covers

Covers can help you out with this, which is why we’ve chosen top four covers for the iPhone 6 today, to give you an idea of what’s available on the market at the moment. :) Bear in mind that all of these are third-party accessories, but that we also have original Apple covers in our offer!

4. Ozaki O!Coat 0.3 Canvas Cover

Ultra-thin Ozaki Cover

This is an ultra-thin cover (0.3 mm) that weighs only 8 grams, and seems almost invisible, but don’t let this fool you – it will still protect your iPhone 6 to the maximum. The great thing about this cover is that it comes with a screen protector, which means that your phone’s display will be shielded from damage, too.

3. iCandy Back Clip Cover – Rosewood

Back Cover by iCandy

Thanks to its unique design and quality materials (genuine rosewood), the iCandy cover presents a great and a stylish protective solution for your iPhone 6.

2. Ballistic Explorer Cover

Durable Ballistic iPhone 6 Cover

Ballistic is well-known for its durable products, and this cover is no exception: it protects your iPhone from impact and drops (from up to 2.4 m high), while the raised edges provide a reliable protection from scratches and damage. The only drawback of this cover is its rugged look, but to someone it might be a perfect accessory. Many users love Ballistic’s robust products, which is why they are so popular.

1. Case-Mate Slim Tough Cover

Case-Mate iPhone 6 Cover

Not only does it protect you phone, but makes it look elegant, too. This two-piece cover is impact-resistant and shock-absorbing. It provides a secure fit for your iPhone 6, and gives it a unique touch thanks to the colour contrast. This cover is light and feels great to the touch, so you won’t go wrong if you decide to purchase it.

Which cover do you prefer?

This was our list of top four covers for the iPhone 6, but needless to say, not everyone will agree with our choices, because tastes can differ greatly. :) The most important thing in the end is to protect your iPhone 6 from everyday wear and tear with quality protective accessories. When it comes to your phone’s appearance, all you need to do is choose a cover that you like the best. As simple as that. So, tell us, which cover do you prefer? :)


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