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MTP Picks: 4 Gadgets for Fantastic Selfies

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If you need any proof that the world has gone completely crazy over selfies in the past two years all you need to do is look around you. We’ve got selfie courses, selfie-centric smartphones, a gazillion selfie apps available on the web, selfie sticks in the form of arms, and even a selfie museum in Manila (the Philippines). Makati City is the selfie capital of the world and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the Selfie King among celebrities. Want to see a selfie of e.g. the Obama family, Pope Francis, or the Queen of England? No problem, just Google it – it’s all there for you to browse through.

Friends taking a selfie

A while back, we realized something – if you can’t beat the selfie trend, join it. Heck, some of us here are not afraid to admit that we like taking photos of our faces and posting them on Facebook, Instagram, and other social accounts for everyone to see (and be annoyed). Of course, we can’t post just any photos online. They need to be fantastic – perfect even. Sometimes, your phone camera is not enough and you need a bit of help which comes in the form of various selfie gadgets. Today, we’ve got five of them, so you can take a look and decide which one works the best for you.

A Selfie Stick for Everyone

Taking photo with a selfie stick

An obvious choice at the moment, since selfie sticks saw an incredible boom in 2015. You put your phone inside the bracket and start snapping away. No worrying whether your thumb will make it into your photo or if you’ll cut off one of your friends’ heads out of the picture by accident. Some selfie sticks are extendable, others are not; some sport a battery of their own, others handy straps that allow you to carry them with you more easily. Picking out a selfie stick is not going to be an easy task, but just imagine how many A+ selfies you’ll be able to take after you have made your decision!

Selfie Cases? Why Not!

Taking photos with a selfie case

Why should a case simply protect your smartphone from damage when it can do other things, too? What do you mean it can’t? It can act as an additional battery for your phone, for example, or come with a shutter button that lets you capture a photo from a distance. It’s less sophisticated than a selfie stick, sure, but easier to move around. Some of these cases also offer small stands that allow you to adjust the angle of your phone.

Bonus: Experts will recognize the true value of the Wedo Selfie-Maker set – it contains not only a remote camera shutter button, but a touch stand that can be stored away inside the audio jack of your phone.

Good to Go with a Clip-on Camera Lens

Camera Lens for phones

Kanye West shot a video using only his phone and a camera lens, so why can’t you? All you need to do is clip the lens to the back of your phone and you’re ready for your selfie adventures. When you acquire one of these useful kits, you get different types of lenses in the package: fish-eye, wide-angle, telescope, macro, etc.

Taking the Game to the Next Level with the HTC RE Camera

Camera RE

There are always more options that you can try out if your phone, a selfie stick, camera lens, and a case aren’t enough for you. One of them includes HTC’s handheld wireless RE camera. Not only will it take your selfies precisely and clearly, but also let you shoot videos, both on the ground and underwater. It’s compatible with iOS 7.0 and higher, and Android 4.3 and above.