Friday, September 15, 2017

Most Popular iPad Mini Cases in 2013

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Have you considered purchasing a beautiful, protective case for your iPad mini? We have found out what our customers like and picked five most popular iPad mini cases right now. Maybe you can find your next case on the list.

Apple iPad mini Smart Cover: The “classic” iPad cover

You are probably familiar with “classical” smart cover for iPad. This cover was introduced to the market – and became very popular – after the first iPad was launched 3 years ago. It uses magnets to attach to your iPad, which also means that as you open the cover, you activate the iPad. Unfortunately, there is no protection against scratches on the back of the device, as the Smart cover for iPad mini protects only the screen of the device. There are various options to use the cover as a stand for your iPad mini, so you can sit back and enjoy watching movies without having to hold the tablet.

iPad Mini Smart Cover

Belkin Verve Tab Folio: Stylish leather case for iPad mini

Your iPad mini will be stored comfortably and safely in a classic book-style leather case. The case is made of genuine leather, as Belkin is known for making some decent quality products. Just like the Smart Cover, this iPad mini leather case has hidden magnets, which automatically turn iPad on and off. You can also set the case at different viewing angles. 

iPad Mini Verve Tab Folio Leather Case

Rotary Leather Case for iPad Mini: Multiple Viewing Angles

We could not resist this nice case, available in various colours and at affordable price. Rotary case is also made of leather, but this time faux leather is used. As you can see from the picture, you can set this case to support the iPad Mini either vertically or horizontally when you do not feel like holding the iPad in your hands.

iPad Mini Rotary Leather Case

Artwizz Neoprene Sleeve: protect your iPad mini in soft neoprene

Recently, neoprene sleeves have become quite popular because they are light and soft, and they provide decent protection to laptops and tablets against scratches – especially Apple’s beautifully designed aluminium devices do not look so nice any more if nasty scratches appear.

iPad Mini Neoprene Sleeve

Sleeves of this kind are usually closed with a zipper, but this of course means that your iPad mini is not protected any more when you take it out of the sleeve, but they come rather handy when you are traveling and, for example, have the keys or pens in your bag (or anything else that might scratch the tablet).

OtterBox Defender Case: Tough Protection

Here’s protective case for those who are often on the move or for those whose iPad mini is often used by children, who might not be so gently and protective towards iPad. The outer shell is made of a highly durable and tough polycarbonate material, which according to the manufacturer can resist any kind of shock. You can put your iPad mini in a relatively high vertical position with the built-in holder.

iPad Mini Otterbox Defender Case