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Most Popular Battery Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

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Exogear Exolife External Battery Case – 2600mAh

The Exogear Exolife is improved battery case for the latest Samsung flagship smartphone. The Exolife has a sturdy polycarbonate shell which protects the phone from bumps and scratches. With 2600mAh capacity lithium polymer battery, Exolife Exogear is very powerful and the company claims that it offers: 300 hours of standby time on 4G, 14 hours talk time on 3G or 11 hours of talk time on 4G, 9 hours internet use on 4G, 62 hours of audio playback, or 10 hours of video playback. The case is also very compact (148 x 72.5 x 16 cm), lightweight (65g) and easy to use, with 4 LEDs. Available in black or white. 

Exogear Exolife Galaxy S4 Battery Case

Price: 36.80 GBP

 Konkis Flip case with built-in battery – 3200 mAh

Thanks to Konkis Flip case and battery, Galaxy S4 with no battery juice will never be a problem. This stylish case for Samsung Galaxy S4 is made of highest quality materials and thus offers a beautiful design (similar to the original Samsung flip cover), protection from bumps and scratches and longer battery life. Available in black and white.

Konkis Battery Flip Case for Galaxy S4

Price: 28.10 GBP

 Battery Case for Galaxy S4 in Lively Colours – 3200mAh

If you are looking for a colourful option to protect your Galaxy S4 and prolong the battery life, this case is the right choice. Available in blue, red, yellow, white and black, this case comes with great battery capacity of 3200mAh, so you can spend more hours talking, playing music and videos or surfing the internet. Note that the microUSB cable and screen protector are not included.

 External Battery Case for Galaxy S4 - Yellow

Price: 28.10 GBP

 All these battery packs and cases can be found here: