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Just Mobile Gum Pro Battery for iPhone and iPod

February 15, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Let’s say you are an active iPhone user or maybe even Twitter and e-mail addict. Would you need an emergency battery in those cases? Whatever the circumstances are, you will eventually need this external battery.

Just Mobile Gum Pro is an impressive 4400 mAh iPod / iPhone / iPhone 4S battery that can recharge your Apple device up to 90% in just one hour. With Just Mobile Gum Pro, you can enjoy more music, more videos, more talk, more games, and more time browsing internet on your iPhone. This external battery is also compatible with your iPod, smartphone or any other USB device.

Just Mobile Gum Pro High Capacity Battery for iPhone and iPod

Just Mobile Gum Pro External Battery for iPhone and iPod

The Gum Pro offers several important benefits that we cannot find on any other external battery. It is smaller and more compact than many other products on the market. Recharging the Gum Pro takes about 3 hours.

The extra battery life that Mobile Gum Pro provides to your phone makes it the best choice for an active iPhone user. The price tag of 50 euros for such capacity and the fact that it is compatible with other devices (like iPods or any device using a standard USB port charging) makes it a superior backup iPhone charger / battery. It is a highly recommended option to consider if you need extra energy for traveling, or you just need a way to charge your iPhone in case of an emergency. Great piece of iPhone 4S accessories for your latest Apple gadget!