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iPhone Tips: Type Faster with These Messages Shortcuts!

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Messages it definitely the most popular and most used iPhone app, but have you managed to master it yet? Do you know all the secrets and shortcuts that can help you type faster? Take a look at our list and find out how skilled you are when it comes to tapping, swiping, and pressing! :)

Messages App

1. Pull Down and Search

If you want to search for a certain email in your Inbox or a text in your Messages app, simply touch your screen and pull down to bring up search.

2. Go Back by Swiping

Again, if you are in a message or any of your mailboxes, you can swipe to return to the mailbox the message is in.

3. Time-Stamps or When Did You Get That Message?

Messages Time Stamps

Swipe from the right side of your screen to the left to see the exact time your message arrived.

4. Copy and More

To copy a message, press and hold down on it. A pop-up menu will appear where you will be able to choose Copy or More. The latter offers the Trash and Forward options, and allows you to select multiple texts.

5. Deleting Conversations

iPhone Conversations

To do this, swipe from right to left on the conversation you would like to delete, and then tap on the red Delete button.

6. Keep Images and Videos

If there are any photos you would like to save on your iPhone, just touch and hold the thumbnail of a certain picture, video, or a GIF and then pick Save from the pop-up menu.

7. Send a Selfie, a Video, or an Audio File

You can send an image or a video via Messages by touching and holding the Camera icon. After that, all you have to do is swipe up to take a photo or swipe right to take a video. In case you want to send an audio file, touch and hold the microphone icon. Again, swipe up if you want to send it, swipe left to delete it.

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