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3 Essential Accessories for Your iPhone 6s

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Let’s pretend, for a moment, that you can travel through time or see the future. Now, skip forward the next couple of months until you get to 2016. Sadly, anything remotely revolutionary in the field of technology is yet to happen (yes, we are talking about flying cars and teleport, sue us), but at least you can finally buy Apple’s latest smartphones – the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. That’s kind of comforting… right?

White iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Anyway, after really thinking about it, weighing all of your pros and cons, you purchase an iPhone 6s and take it home with you. It’s shiny, powerful, and working perfectly, and there’s nothing that could make you happier, except perhaps equipping it with an accessory or two. You heard your friends talking about cases, headsets, holders, and more, and you decide that maybe, just maybe, your phone could benefit from these, as well. Once you find yourself in a store or on an online shop, however, you realize you don’t know where to start. That’s why we’ve prepared for you a starter kit, of sorts, to help you get the most necessary accessories for your iPhone 6s and, at the same time, help you avoid cluttering it with useless ones. Ready for your smartphone essentials? Allons-y!

1. A Well-protected iPhone 6s Is a Happy iPhone

You’ve most likely heard the sentence “If you don’t want your phone to get damaged, invest into a case or a cover” a million times up until this point. While this line may be worn-out, it doesn’t mean it’s not true. Protective accessories are items everyone and their grandmother would recommend you invest into and they wouldn’t be wrong, so an iPhone 6s case or a cover is, without a doubt, a must-have accessory.

Five different iPhone 6s cases and covers

Before you say “But I don’t want to ruin the design of my phone!”, jump to a moment in the future where you drop your iPhone and clip its edge or scratch it. That should be an incentive for you to protect your handset. The market is full of different types of iPhone 6s cases and covers, from leather to silicone, minimalist to colourful, so you definitely shouldn’t have trouble finding the perfect one for you.

2. Keep the Display Safe with an iPhone 6s Screen Protector

Two iPhone 6s screen protectors

All smartphones nowadays come with strengthened displays, but sometimes accidents happen and your iPhone’s screen might end up with a scratch or a crack. The first line of defense against this type of damage are screen protectors and your iPhone 6s will be forever grateful to you if you protect it with one of these thin shields. If you wish to acquire something even more durable, then maybe an iPhone 6s PanzerGlass screen protector or one made of tempered glass is for you.

3. For Additional Energy, Rely on iPhone 6s Power Banks

After cases and covers, power banks are accessories our customers shop for the most. Why? Because your iPhone 6s (or any other phone, for that matter) could always use extra energy when you are out and about or don’t have a charger at hand. All you need to do is connect your phone to a power bank and you are good to go!

Four different types of iPhone 6s power banks

iPhone 6s power banks are available in different capacities and offer various functions, e.g. they can serve as flashlights or be waterproof! Solar power banks are becoming more and more popular among smartphone and tablet users worldwide, because you can simply charge them using the sunlight.

So, there you go, those are three accessories that we think you should get the moment you obtain an iPhone 6s. :) Would you add anything else to the list? Comment below!