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How to Clean Your Smartphone’s Display Properly

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Most of the time, displays on our phones are an ugly mess of dirt, dust, fingerprints, and other unidentified substances. It’s sad, true, and, quite frankly, inevitable, seeing that this is the part of your handset you interact with the most (unless you use screen protectors, then you’re golden).

Smartphone display with smudges

So, there will come a moment in your life when wiping the display of your phone with your T-shirt or fingers won’t be enough and you’ll have to opt for a more thorough cleaning method. Naturally, we are here to offer you some tips on how to get your phone’s display shiny and spotless once more.

#1: Get Yourself a Microfiber Cloth

Wiping your phone's display with a microfiber cloth

Unlike a paper-based towel, a microfiber cleaning cloth won’t damage or scratch your phone’s sensitive screen. Instead, it will gently gather and remove any dust, smudges, or oil present on the display. It’s recommended that you get a bunch of microfiber cloths and keep them around your home, office, and even in your bag. You can use them not only for your phone’s display, but also your glasses, TVs, computer screens, etc.

#2: Use Water Rather Than a Cleaning Solution

If your screen is really grimy and in desperate need of a wash, it’s okay to use a small amount of water to clean it up or a specialized cleaning solution for screens, e.g. Klear Screen.

Bear in mind that you should never, ever use any harsh chemicals on your smartphone’s screen. When shopping for a cleaning solution, make sure that it doesn’t contain acetone, ammonia, or alcohol, seeing that these are not at all good for electronic devices. Why? Mostly because they can remove the screen’s protective coating.

#3: Make That Display Look Brand New

Smartphone display cleaning

You have your materials, now all you need are a couple of suggestions on how to best remove all that dust and dirt.

1. Turn off your phone – mandatory if using water, plus you’ll be able to see the grime better,
2. Remove the battery – if you can and want to use water/cleaning solution while cleaning.
3. If you simply want to wipe away the dirt, no water, take a microfiber cloth and move it in vertical and horizontal
direction repeatedly. Keep doing this until the display is free of smudges.
4. When using water (or Klear Screen), wet a corner of the microfiber cloth and wipe the screen in the way described in step 3. Do not use any soap during this process!
5. Once you’re done, use a dry part of the cloth to remove the remaining water or let it dry on its own.

No Cloth Around? Use Scotch Tape!

If you’ve thrown away your last microfiber cloth, but you simply need to clean your handset’s display right away, you can always rely on scotch tape to help you out. It will remove any dust specs and fingerprints on your smartphones surface. All you have to do is press the tape to the screen and peel it off a couple of times. That should do the job well enough.

Got any more suggestions? Share them with us!