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Charge two devices simultaneously with Powerocks Stone3

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Nowadays, with such a wide range of advanced devices, there is also a wide range of different tablet and mobile accessories that can make use of these devices easier. It’s a good idea to have an external battery by hand, because it’s the best way to ensure the unit’s longer battery life. A second battery can double the battery life of your smart phone, tablet or e-reader. We recommend Power Rocks Stone3, an incredibly convenient external battery that can fully charge two devices at once, since it has two ports.

Universal battery pack for smart phones and other USB devices

Powerocks Stone 3 external battery for smartphones

Powerocks Stone3 is a stylish battery that is easy to use, especially because it indicates how much power is left. It has a button that lights up when the battery is fully charged and turns off when the battery runs out of power. The indicator goes off after each quench by letters that make “Powerocks” logo.

Mobile device battery pack

Universal battery pack for smart phones and other USB devices

This is a light, but also high-capacity battery (7800mAh) that comes with a miscoUSB cable and a waterproof cover that protects the pack from water damage.

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