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BlackBerry Launches a Super Secure Tablet

March 16, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Although BlackBerry’s first tablet, the PlayBook, wasn’t really a great success (in fact, it flopped majorly back in 2010), it didn’t stop the company from creating another tablet called the SecuTablet.

BlackBerry SecuTablet

With a strong emphasis on security, the SecuTablet is basically a modified Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, combined with existing security-card tech from Secusmart (used by the German and Canadian governments). If you remember, BlackBerry acquired it last year in order to encrypt voice and data communications. The company also teamed up with IBM to make sure that its tablet is super secure, but that you can also use personal apps on it, such as Facebook and YouTube.

This kind of security won’t come cheap, of course – the SecuTablet is priced at $2,380 (about ¬£1,600), and will go on sale this summer. It’s a lot of money, yes, but we don’t doubt that BlackBerry’s target audience will have any problems investing into a piece of secure equipment such as this one.


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