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MTP’s 6 Favourite iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Cases

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Almost a month ago, Apple launched its latest flagship smartphones, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, both of which boast some cool, new features and a slightly new design. Namely, both devices are now available in Jet Black and Black (along with the Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver variants) and while they look elegant and shiny, there’s something that’s not going in their favour (aside from the missing headphone jack). We’re talking about the fact that the Jet Black version is prone to micro scratches, as Apple stated on the company’s official website. This means that – if you are really nitpicky – you won’t be too happy about your handset after some time.

It goes without saying that your handset can get damaged even if you don’t get this particular model. If you drop your phone to the ground or scratch it by accident, there’s no going back, unless you order a repair, of course. Luckily, there are accessories out there that can help you avoid these nasty situations called iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cases. Today, we’ve picked out our current favourites, so be sure to take a look and maybe choose one for yourself. :)

1. Apple’s Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 7

Apple's Smart Batter Case for the iPhone 7

Here’s an iPhone 7 case that will both protect your handset and keep it charged. Pretty cool, right? It’s available in black and white, so you can decide which one works the best for you. The most important thing you should know about is that it can provide you with up to 26 hours of talk time and up to 22 hours of Internet use (4G LTE), and that it’s compatible with Lightning accessories. A truly great accessory from the Cupertino giant.

2. A Puro 0.3 Ultra Slim Case for Your iPhone 7 Plus

Puro 0.3 Ultra Slim Case for the iPhone 7 Plus

Granted, you can’t count on it to protect your phone completely if it drops to the ground, but what we love about this iPhone 7 Plus case is that it’s super slim and doesn’t add any bulk to your phone, plus that it comes in a variety of colours. Another plus is that it has its own screen protector and a cleaning cloth, which means you can make sure the display of your phone is safe, too.

3. A Griffin iPhone 7 Survivor Summit Case

A Griffin Survivor Summit Case for the iPhone 7 in Black

If you have butter fingers, then this case is just what you need for your iPhone 7 – its name says it all, really. Not only is it water and impact-resistant, but also comes in pair with a Touch ID-compatible slide-on screen shield. Believe us, every part of your smartphone will be completely shielded once you equip it with this robust case.

4. A VRS Design iPhone 7 Plus Layered Dandy Wallet Case

A VRS Design Layered Dandy Wallet Case for the iPhone 7 Plus

Now this is a case that has it all: elegance, protective features, and pockets for your cards and money. The product is made of polycarbonate and polyurethane, and it will keep your iPhone 7 Plus without a fail. It is available for purchase in this colour, as well as in navy blue, wine red, brown, and red.

5. A JT Berlin Book Style Wallet Case for the iPhone 7

A JT Berlin Book Style Wallet Case for the iPhone 7

Another wallet case whose elegance will perfectly complement your iPhone 7. It’s made of genuine leather and comes with two internal card slots that will make carrying your cards or money with you easier. Aside from looking really nice, this accesory will also provide your smartphone with the protection it requires.

6. A Case-Mate iPhone 7 Plus Barely There Case

A Case-Mate Barely There Case for the iPhone 7 Plus

The ever-popular Case-Mate and its series Barely There won’t disappoint you this time around, either. This thin, clear case will ensure your iPhone 7 Plus remains intact and thanks to the anti-scratch coating, the product itself won’t get damaged easily. If you want a really neutral protective accessory, then we definitely recommend you take this one into consideration.

Those were our favourites, now tell us – which ones are yours? :)