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Battery Breakthrough That Allows It To Last for 3 Months

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Are you tired of your smartphone’s battery dying too fast? The best call may be to replace it if it’s broken, or the case may be that you simply forgot to recharge it before you left the house. A lot of power is required to support the many features of your smartphone and because of that, when you need it the most, it lets you down. Well, not any more with the latest battery breakthrough.

A Woman Charging Her Smartphone

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We are on the threshold of a new era where our portable devices will only need to be recharged every few months. Just a trickle of power 4 times a year will be just enough to keep it juiced!

Energy Efficient Rare Charging of Electronic Devices

A completely new material will greatly increase the length of their life, to the general satisfaction of all of us. The scientific team at the University of Cornell and Michigan have come up with this breakthrough in battery technology, producing material called “magnetoelectric multiferoic” which allows the processor to work with 100 times less energy. In simple words, this material is a thin magnetic film which will enable devices to operate on the principle of energy impacts instead of a constant flow of electricity. So, much less power is needed to charge the device than before.

Charging in Seconds, Not Hours

Conserve Battery Life

Source: All photos belong to their rightful owner.

With this enhanced battery, a standard mobile phone will need 100 times less energy, which means that you will basically be able to charge your phone while making a cup of coffeeThis sounds like a dream come true, but commercial production won’t start before 2030. Can you wait that long? If the answer is no, we suggest that you buy a powerful power bank to keep your device running for a longer time. As usual, we offer you the latest models at best price!