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AirVR: Virtual Reality for Your iPad Mini

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Wearable devices may be the biggest hit amongst gadgets right now, but we can’t deny the fact that VR headsets are also gaining ground – and fast. We’ve read about Sony’s Project Morpheus, Oculus Rift, and we’ve recently seen Samsung release its new Gear VR (showcased at the IFA show in Berlin this year). Of course, we mustn’t forget Google’s DIY Cardboard VR Style Kit. :) A new Kickstarter project involving a VR headset can be added to this list now – the AirVR.

What is the AirVR?

AirVR Headset

Like we said, it’s a headset, but one that uses a separate device to create a virtual world right there in front of your eyes. If you decide that you want to buy and use it, you’ll first need to make sure that you own an iPad Mini or the brand new iPhone 6 Plus. The AirVR is a custom designed headset into which you can slip one of the two devices we mentioned above. We can’t imagine how having a 310 gram, 8” device can be comfortable, but hey – you get your own, affordable VR headset. :) Obviously, the new 5.5” iPhone would be a better choice, but if you already have an iPad Mini, then you suffer a little in order to enjoy something as great as virtual reality, right?

Once your iPad Mini is in the headset, you won’t be able to access its screen, but there’s a set of context-aware controls on the headset itself called the TouchStrip. You use these buttons to operate the AirVR, and they can also be adapted for a variety of apps. Want to play games? Simply use any Made for iPhone (MFi iOS) Bluetooth controller, or virtual controller apps that allow you to use your smartphone as a gamepad instead. Three apps will come with the headset – one for 360-degree panoramas (PanoVR), one for 3D movies (MovieVR), and the last one for viewing photos (PhotoVR). You’ll also have access to AirWare – a storage place for all of your games, movies, and other interesting media.

AirVR Headset Apps

The AirVR costs only $50 (about £30), seeing that it’s just a headset, and not an entire VR machine, and you can order it now and receive it in December. For more info, head over to its official Kickstarter page, and in the meantime, check out the video below. :)


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