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Accessories You Probably Never Knew They Existed

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In a sea of endless number of tablet and mobile accessories, there are some that are not so common, that have unusual purposes, or some completely crazy design; there are some meant for specific group of people or specific age of people. Anyway, today we will present you completely new accessories for your smartphones, that are maybe not that useful, but they are by all means interesting.

1) PersA Pen

You love technology, but what if you find yourself without your tablet or laptop, and you desperately need a pen and paper to write down something important?

PersA pen is built for you, blending both technology and tradition! The Personal Assistant, or otherwise PersA, belongs to a new category of products; it is clearly innovative and pioneering product that introduces new features in the daily activities of professionals, students and scholars.

PersA Pen Personal Asistant

PersA Pen – your personal assistant

This is a pen with which you can write notes and make drawings on plain paper, and all this thanks to the advanced OCR technology that integrates and stores this information in memory. Supplied with OCR software-enabled learning, which supports handwriting recognition in 22 languages! The internal memory holds more than 100 handwritten pages that you can save to your computer.

2) GoPano Micro Lens System for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S

GoPano Micro is a cool gadget that turns your iPhone into a 360-degree video camera.

 EyeSee360 GoPano Micro for iPhone 4/4S

GoPano Micro 360-degree Lens System

Capture 360 degree video using this cool piece of accessories for iPhone 4S / 4. Capturing and sharing your 360-degree videos with friends or on the social network sites has never been easier! Record and capture the atmosphere of some important event; with just one click you’ll be able to film and photograph what is happening all around you. Once the files are transferred to your computer it is even possible to browse video in any way. Enjoy these moments with your friends over and over again, as if you are all still there, having great time!

3) Pinball Magic Desktop Holder

Some of you will probably remember with nostalgia all those moments in favourite café, playing pinball with friends… good old days :) . The good news is that now you can turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a real pinball machine! Just enough to organize fun contest at work or at home, don’t you think so?

Pinball Magic Desktop Holder

Pinball Magic iPhone, iPod Touch Holder

The principle is simple: download the free application from the App Store on your iPhone and connect the phone to the mini-flipper for realistic, challenging and interesting experience of mobile arcade game!