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A Full-Metal LG G4 Pro Headed Our Way

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If you thought that LG was done with launching smartphones this year, think again – rumour has it that the company is preparing a new high-end phone for us, currently known as the LG G4 Pro. The handset in question might arrive in the second half of 2015 and it seems that it will feature a completely metal body.

A New LG Strategy: Two Flagships Per Year

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LG is at the top of its game at the moment – not too long ago, the company released the LG G4 which not only looks good, but has a better display, chipset, and camera than its predecessor. It’s a pretty neat package that should’ve kept LG users worldwide satisfied until 2016 and the next flagship device. Right? Not exactly.

Mid-May, a report from Focus Taiwan indicated that LG was ready to comit to its “dual flagship” strategy and that the company wanted to launch another smartphone during 2015. LG made it clear that a G Pro 3 phablet was out of the picture for now, so we were left to wonder what the future holds.

In early June, ET News reported for the first time about the LG G4 Pro, using that exact (though tentative) name, but that was not all.

Goodbye Plastic, Hello Metal?

There are no known G4 Pro specifications right now, but we did find out that LG might fit the phone with a metal chassis instead of the standard plastic one. This will most likely present a test run after which LG will decide whether or not to incorporate this design into future flagship devices. Plus, with a metal back, any upcoming high-end LG handsets will be able to directly compete with Samsung and Apple’s phones alike.

LG G4 in colours

While the metal back would undoubtedly be beneficial for the South Korean conglomerate, there’s still the fact that the cost of production for metal bodies is higher than for those made of plastic. How’s this a problem? LG doesn’t produce as many devices as its rivals, meaning that the company earns less, meaning that this could eat up their profit quite a bit.

Until we hear more about the G4 Pro or LG confirms any of these rumours, we would advise you to take this info with a grain of salt for now.