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7 Tips and Tricks to Help You Conquer Gmail

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While we’ve all been using Gmail for years now, the truth is that we are still figuring out some of its most useful, almost life-changing tricks. These are carefully hidden away and not always easy to find, which is why we’ve prepared for you seven of our favourite Gmail features today.

1. Check Your Last Account Activity

Last account activity in GmailIf you are slightly paranoid and suspecting someone’s reading your mails, you can easily check this by taking a look at your “last account activity”. Scroll to the bottom of the page in your Inbox view and then move your glance to the bottom right corner. There you’ll see “Last account activity: X minutes ago” and beneath it “Details”. Once you click on “Details”, you will be able to see each IP address that had access to your account and what type of device, mobile or desktop, the person who logged into your mail was using.

2. Display Unread Emails First

If you want to keep your Inbox more organized and always be confronted with unread emails first, head over to Settings > Inbox and select “Unread First” in the drop-down menu of the Inbox type.

3. Use Filters to Your Advantage

Gmail filtersIs someone spamming you with emails that you’d rather not receive? Not a problem, all you have to do is set up a filter. Select an email, click on the button (More) next to the reply arrow, and select “Filter messages like these”. Next, select “Create filter with this search” and then choose what you want to happen to the email in the future. For example, check the box “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)” and either “Delete it” or “Apply the label”.

4. Undo Sending an Email by Mistake

Sending emails is something we do on a daily basis, both for work and personal reasons, and sometimes, in that rush, we can accidentally send an email which you never, ever wanted the other person to receive. Before you start thinking about hacking into your friend’s or associate’s account to delete the offending email, try using the Undo Send option. It will save you from a number of awkward situations, trust us.

5. Label Your Messages with Ease

Drag and drop labels to your mailsIt’s an old trick, but definitely a gold one. Instead of selecting each of your messages and then selecting a label for it from the drop-down menu, you can simply drag and drop a certain label on your mail.

6. Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

If you haven’t done this already, head over to Settings > General and turn keyboard shortcuts to “on”. Once you have enabled them, you’ll be able to use letters or combination of letters to navigate your Inbox. Here are a couple of useful ones:

  • r – reply individually
  • / – use the search bar
  •  shift + # – send mails to trash
  • j – display older messages
  •  k – display newer messages
  • Ctrl + Shift + C – cc people
  • c – compose a new message

There’s a lot more of them on Google’s official page, so be sure to check them out.

7. Refine Your Search with Operators

If you want to find your emails quickly, then our suggestion is you use advanced search operators. What you have to do is type in a certain word or a symbol into the search to get exactly what you are looking for. For example, if you wish to specify the sender, you will use from:megan. To find emails with attachment, type in from:david has:attachment. You can even search for emails within a certain period by using after:2015/12/31 before:2016/01/28. Just like with shortcuts, you can find other operators on Google’s support page.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful and, as always, leave your thoughts and other tips in the comments below!