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5 Useful Tech Accessories for a New School Year

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Nothing lasts forever and neither does your summer vacation.

Laptop saying back to schoolIt’s a sad, cruel fact that you are probably well aware of and we realize that going back to taking notes and studying is not going to be easy. Heck, we know it’s going to be extremely hard – we’ve all been there. So, while we might not be great at comforting, we are good at finding accessories and gadgets that will definitely be of use to you once you start school. Remember – you can get one of these either for yourself (even if you do not actually go to school!) or give it as a present to your friend or kid. Sounds good? Then let’s move on!

Wake Up with Grundig’s Sonoclock

Wake up with Grunding's Sonoclock 660

If you are not a morning person then you know that there’s nothing worse than having to wake up early for your first class. Most of the time it takes all of your strength and willpower not to destroy your smartphone or alarm clock and to actually get out of bed successfully. The good news is that the Grunding Sonoclock 660 Radio Clock is here to make your mornings more bearable. The Sonoclock comes with two different wake-up times, cancels your alarm on weekends, and lets you get up to some pleasant tunes!

Make Room for Everything with SanDisk’s Ultra Fit USB Stick

SanDisk 64GB USB Flash Drive

Not only does it offer impressive write and transfer speeds, but the SanDisk Ultra Fit USB USB 3.0 Stick with its 64GB of storage will never let you run out of space ever again. Thanks to its size, you can plug this SanDisk flash drive into your laptop and not worry about taking out when you need to carry the laptop with you.

Decorate Your Desk with This Coffee Cup Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker shaped like a coffee cup

The Coffee Cup Bluetooth Speaker is ideal for everyone who either wants to listen to their favourite songs while studying or simply need an interesting item on their messy desks. Aside from its unique design, the Coffee Cup speaker offers a voice recording function and allows you to connect it up to two devices at the same time.

Pack Everything You Need into the Everki Flight Laptop Backpack

Carry everything with you in this Everki laptop backpack

Instead of carrying a backpack for your books, documents, pens, and notebooks, and a separate bag for your laptop, you can place everything into the Everki Flight Laptop Backpack and take all of your items with you easily. The backpack comes with a compartment that fits laptops up to 16” in size and folds 180 degrees, making it really easy for you to access your laptop whenever you want. The bag also features large zippered pockets, a soft pocket ideal for your iPad or Kindle, slots for cards, pens, and other electronic components, plus a stowaway pocket for your music player. You can use the backpack for school and work alike.

Don’t Just Sit and Study – Work Out a Little!

Jawbone UP24 Smartband

When you find enough time to exercise between all of your classes, after-school activities, and homework, you can rely on the Jawbone UP24 smartband to keep you company. This stylish smartband not only tracks your movement and calories burned, but also your sleeping and eating patterns. After logging the data, the Jawbone provides you with detailed insights on how you live and sends them to your phone via the dedicated iOS and Android app.

Liked our choice of accessories? Got some more on mind for our list? Comment below. :)