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4 Myths and Truths About Smartphone Batteries

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Most of the time, when talking about smartphones, the first thing that comes to mind are battery problems. Modern devices come with a lot of great features and specs, sure, but the truth is that these same features and specs greatly affect their batteries. This is why we are always searching for ways to prolong our phones’ battery lives, and trying out different methods in order to make them last just a bit longer.

Battery Myths and Truths

If you are a smartphone user, then you have probably heard numerous myths about batteries over the years, and today we have decided to write about four most common ones, and truths behind them. We’ve talked to our experienced technicians here in MyTrendyPhone, who cleared up some issues for us. :)

1. It’s better to charge your phone when the battery’s completely empty

False. With modern Lithium Ion batteries (Li-Ion or LIB) you do not have to worry about battery levels, because they have no “memory effect” (also known as ‘Voltage Depression’). This means that you can charge your phone whenever you want.

2. Not disconnecting the charger from the phone immediately after it has been fully charge can damage the battery

False. As we have already mentioned, phones nowadays come with Li-Ion batteries, which stop charging automatically after having been fully charged.

3. It’s good to use your phone while it’s charging

Partial truth. Actually, it’s okay to use your device while it’s charging, but when we say “okay” we mean that it is not dangerous in any way (although there have been a number of stories about exploding batteries). However, using your phone while it’s charging is not the best idea in the world. The best thing you can do is turn off your device during charging to avoid draining the battery even further.

4. You should drain the battery completely before recharging your device

False. This is definitely not the best-case scenario. You should not let the battery level fall below 5% when you want to charge your phone. Letting your battery completely run out every time will actually shorten its life.

Have some myths to share or questions to ask? Write them in the comments below. :)