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3 Small Travel Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

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When we start packing for a trip (be it a business or a pleasure one), we almost always know exactly which gadgets will find their way into our bags and suitcases: a smartphone (maybe more than one?), a tablet, a laptop, our favourite music player (some of us are not used to listening to tunes on our phones, okay?), and a camera (if you prefer taking photos the old-school way). Then, of course, a nice pair of headphones will make it on the list, too (to go with our music player, right?), plus a power bank, because hey – we can always do with more energy. And what with the selfie trend rising, a lot of people will decide to push a selfie stick inside their bag even when they know there’s no more room in there, not even a for a needle.

Travelling with gadgets

What if we told you, however, that there’s more to travel gadgets than selfie sticks and power banks? There’s a number of little contraptions out there that can make travelling easier and more interesting, and we’ve got three of them today just for you. :)

Keep Track of Your Keys and Luggage with iFindU

Bluetooth tracker

You can finally stop worrying about losing your suitcase, your mobile phone, or your keys while on the road. iFindU is a Bluetooth tracker that keeps your belongings organized and your mind at peace. All you have to do is attach the tracker to your bag or keys (or any other object you don’t want to lose) and then download the free app (iTracing) to use it.

Additional features: Thanks to the app, iFindU also works as a camera shutter and a voice recording button.

Music for Everyone with the Belkin Headphone Splitter

Headphone splitter

Remember that time when you really wanted to listen to music with your friends but you only had one headphone jack? Yes, it happened to us, too. In these situations, you usually hand over one earbud to one friend, but that’s it. Not to mention that your favourite songs just don’t sound the same when you listen to them with only one earbud. Luckily for you, there’s a nifty solution that will put an end to this music misery and it comes in the form of the Belkin headphone splitter. Trust us – once you get your paws on it, you will never want to go anywhere without it, ever again.

A Speaker, a Power Bank, and a Flashlight All Rolled Into One

Lendison 4-in-1 power bank

We know we said that there’s more to life (and travelling) than power banks, but hear us out. This little guy not only offers additional energy for your devices when you need it the most, but also lets you enjoy your music wirelessly, take hands-free calls, and acts as a flashlight! A perfect travelling companion, don’t you think? The power bank/speaker can easily be mounted on bike handlebars and installed inside your car, meaning that you can truly, always bring it with you wherever the road takes you.

Do you have any travel gadgets that you love and want us to know about? Tell us all about them in the comments section below.